Lupus Awareness Month

Lupus Awareness Month is the time of year when the lupus community takes time to educate their families, workplaces and neighborhoods about lupus. Education can be as modest as sending an email to your friends and family about lupus to organizing a Lupus Awareness Day at your office. We encourage you to get creative as you raise awareness about this often misunderstood disease.

Please let us know what you’re up to – you may inspire others in the lupus community to take action! Email [email protected] or call Mary at 312-648-6053.

Go Purple for Lupus by using purple light bulbs or stringing purple lights around your home or work place. Whenever someone asks about the color change, talk about lupus. If lights don’t work, decorate with anything purple (a purple ribbon, purple balloons, etc) that might invite anyone who sees it to ask about it.

Pass a Lupus Awareness Month Proclamation in your local government!

Change your Facebook status to “LUPUS AWARENESS!”

Hang a Lupus Awareness poster in your front window or at your workstation!

Hand out Lupus Awareness Month stickers to everyone you see!

Wear your purple wristband every day in May!

Share a lupus fact a day or weekly via email!

Take an “I fight for lupus because” selfie!


Recognize Health Care Professionals
Recognize the healthcare professional in your life that has made a difference!(Donations requested – not required)


Share Your Story!

What better way to increase lupus awareness than to share your personal experiences!  Submit your story and join the brave lupus warriors who add their voice to educate the public!


KK Walker's Story

Viktoria Cupay's Story

It was in the latter part of 2008 going into 2009 that I found my body was going through a thing. Nothing I had ever remember experiencing. Joints swollen, body hurting and stiff daily. These symptoms seemed to last so long, that at one point, feeling this way had become a part of my daily life. I didn’t know what it was to feel “normal.”


Viktoria Cupay's Story

Viktoria Cupay's Story

I feel like I had to choose a different path in life because of lupus. I had to drop out of school twice because of my flare-ups, but that did not stop me from going back to school. I had to switch my career plans from nursing to public health due to complications from lupus. There are many things I cannot do because of lupus.

For example, I only do some of my chores in a day because I get tired easily. My choices are limited by it.

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Lupus Fact of the Day – VIDEO EDITION!
Hear a lupus fact of the day and meet some lupus warriors!  Be sure to share the posts with everyone you know!

carissa video may 1st
Carissa May 1st
lashon video may 2nd
LaShon May 2nd
stacey video may 3rd
Stacey May 3rd
terry may 4th
Terry May 4th
viktoria may 5
Viktoria May 5th
sharonna video may 6th
Sharonna May 6th
mari video may 7th
Mari May 7th
carissa video may 8th
Carissa May 8th
lashon video may 9th
LaShon May 9th
stacey video may 10th
Stacey May 10th
terry may 11th
Terry May 11th
viktoria video may 12th
Viktoria May 12th
sharonna video may 13th
Sharonna May 13th
mari video may 14th
Mari May 14th
carissa video may 15th
Carissa May 15th
lashon video may 16th
LaShon May 16th
stacey video may 17th
Stacey May 17th
terry may 18th
Terry May 18th
viktoria video may 19th
Viktoria May 19th
sharonna video may 20th
Sharonna May 20th
mari video may 21st
Mari May 21st
carissa may 22
Carissa May 22nd
lashon may 23
LaShon May 23rd
stacey may 24
Stacey May 24th
terry may 25
Terry May 25th
viktoria may 26
Viktoria May 26th
sharonna may 27
Sharonna May 27th
mari may 28
Mari May 28th
carissa may 29
Carissa May 29th
lashon may 30th
LaShon May 30th
stacey may 31
Stacey May 31st
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