Lupus Intervention Fatigue Trial (LIFT)

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A major problem for people living with lupus is fatigue – chronic debilitating fatigue that significantly decreases quality of life and increases the risk of work disability.

How does someone manage fatigue? Finding strategies that work for you and for lupus patients in general is the purpose of the Lupus Intervention Fatigue Trial (LIFT).

Preliminary data showed that regular aerobic exercise can improve quality of life and reduce fatigue, but studies examining how to best promote other types of physical activity which are less strenuous are limited.
The LIFT trial will look to answer these questions. LIFT is a 12-month, 2-arm trial designed to compare the effectiveness of a motivational interviewing program intervention versus a patient educational program control to reduce fatigue in persons with lupus. Each arm has a 6 month intervention with 6 month follow up. Individually tailored lifestyle counseling using motivational interviewing and 6 monthly group support meetings are designed to help individuals think about how to increase their physical activity and improve diet quality.

There are a similar number of individual and group sessions for the education program designed to help your understanding of lupus and how to manage your disease.

For more information on the LIFT trial and to see if you are eligible to participate contact Holly Robin Milaeger or 312-503-0251

For more information, download the flyer here.

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