Lupus Patients And The Vaccine Booster

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By Dr. Robert Katz
Medical Advisory Board

Pharmacies are now offering booster shots for immunocompromised patients. Many lupus patients qualify because they are being treated with prednisone and other potentially immunosuppressive medications. 

Now may be the best time to receive the booster vaccine, since pharmacies may start requiring scheduled appointments. You can take advantage of this current availability if you are immunocompromised based on your diagnosis and the medications you are taking. 

You do not need an appointment to go to your local pharmacy at this time. You can just show up and request a third vaccine. They may look for validation that you have received two doses of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine. You will need to confirm you are immunocompromised and, in general, they will accept the information you provide. You may be asked to complete a form stating your disease and therapy. Two weeks or more after the booster shot, or even without the booster, you could have a blood test to check your COVID antibody levels. 

Robert S. Katz, M.D.
August 27, 2021

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