Lupus Update

With Dr. Robert Katz

Welcome to the Lupus Update, a regular column brought to you by the LSI. This regular feature will include the latest information on lupus and lupus related topics and will appear in the eChronicle and here at the LSI website

It’s a very exciting time for the lupus community. Not only has the first lupus drug in over 50 years been approved by the FDA and other drugs continue to be studied, but celebrities like Lady Gaga and Toni Braxton have both shone a spotlight on lupus. The publicity is a welcome change for a disease as little known as lupus. Unfortunately, with the added publicity comes the risk of misinformation on lupus.

Which is what this column will be dedicated to addressing. I encourage you to submit your questions and concerns about any lupus related topic so we can find out what you’re most interested in hearing about. It’s my hope with this column that the constituents of the LSI be provided with factual, timely information to help them navigate lupus information.

Robert Katz, MD

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