Past Educational Events

  • 4/2/2020

      • COVID-19 & the Lupus Community web Meeting presented by Dr. Rosalind Ramsey Goldman

  • 9/26/19

      • Lupus & Pregnancy Webinar with Zineb Aouhab

  • 4/18/19

      • Lupus Update Webinar with Dr. Rosalind Ramsey Goldman

  • 9/27/18 – Lupus Educational Webinar
      • Living with Lupus – Long Term Effects, Presented by Dr. Robert Katz

Dermatology, Skin & Lupus – Presented by Montunrayo Adisa, MD

Lupus & the Blood – Presented by Dr. Zineb Aouhab, Loyola University Medical Center

Lupus & Fibromyalgia – presented by Dr. Robert Katz, Rush University Medical Center

Lupus & Lung Health – Presented by Dr. Mark Yoder, Rush University Medical Center

Nutrition and Lupus Teleconference 3-10-16 – Presented by Marla Brodsky, RD, LD, BCIM

Resources for the Lupus Community 11-12-15 – Lupus Society of Illinois

Lupus & Disability Teleconference-8/12/15 Jeff Rabin, The Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown

Lupus & Bone Health Teleconference-5/15/15 – Dr. Robert Katz

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