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The LSI’s office is in Illinois and we serve the entire state of Illinois though our programs and services.

To meet the needs of the nearly 28,000 square miles that comprise Illinois, LSI offers:

The Lupus Community Navigator program is an opportunity for anyone in the lupus community to talk to someone about a lupus related concern. This program has helped thousands in its over 9 years of operation. This program, like all of LSI’s programs and services, is provided at no cost to anyone in the lupus community. The Lupus Community Navigator has provided assistance on everything from legal advice to physician referrals. There is no other program like it for the lupus community in Illinois. If you’d like to contact the Lupus Community Navigator, click here or call 312-542-0002.

The LSI provides expert presenters on lupus-related concerns via teleconference. These educational opportunities are available several times a year and currently there are two scheduled. Educational teleconferences, like all of LSI’s educational opportunities, are available at no cost to the individual and allow participants to ask questions directly to the expert. Teleconferences are also recorded and posted online.

Individual Peer Support is an excellent way to communicate with others in the lupus community with similar backgrounds. This program is available to people with lupus as well as family members. If you are interested in participating in this program, simply email the Lupus Navigator with a request along with general information about your situation (age, gender, date of diagnosis, type of lupus, etc.) and LSI will find a volunteer in a similar situation to contact you.

Support Groups are available throughout Illinois and LSI can help anyone interested in starting a support group get started. If you are interested in starting a support group, contact Lisa Klaslo at (312) 542-0006.

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