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2021 Virtual run, WALK, ride ambassador, Regina Casto. Team captain of Paco’s Posse for 15 years!!

What is your connection to lupus?
My father BKA Paco

When was the lupus diagnosis?

How long did it take for a correct diagnosis?
2 years (Funny story my dad took one of us to the pediatrician and after talking to the Dr. he told him “Mike, I think you have Lupus go see my brother-in-law and at Northwestern Hospital.” And the rest is history.

Although you don’t have lupus, how has the lupus diagnosis changed your life?
Honestly, it really didn’t change anything. My DAD is/was my Hero. I was the youngest of 4 girls and I was his only “SON”. I will say that till the cows come home. That is how I took it. I would help him out with as much as possible. It really was not that much even. The Man was a Double Amputee with both hands having swan neck deformity and he still would drive his favorite Hunter Green Truck.

How has life changed for the individual you care about with lupus?
Well like I told you above he had a lot of changing but it didn’t stop him. Except death we lost him in 2017.

How did you first become involved in the Illinois Lupus Walk and the Virtual run Walk ride?
Well, I found the walk in Naperville in 2007 on the internet. This is the birth of PACO’S POSSE. Did the walk in 2008 too. After that it came out to Olympia Field in 2009 and my Mom and DAD lived in Olympia Fields, Soooo I had to become a SOUTHSIDE Lupus Walk Committee Member and I Did!

Why do you think the Illinois Lupus Walk and the Virtual run Walk ride is important?
I feel the LSI Brings Lupus Awareness with these walks.

How do you make the Illinois lupus Walk and the Virtual run Walk ride personal?
Every Walk is personal to me. I know my Dad is gone (2017), but I still want Lupus to end and all with Lupus and their families to get the help they need from the Lupus Society of Illinois.

As a Team Captain, what are your goals?
As always, my Goal for Paco’s Posse and all the other teams to raise money to help with the research and assist those struggling with Lupus.

Has a lack of public awareness about lupus affected your quality of life?
No, I can’t let it. I must live MY Life and Know what I know and share what needs to be shared.

How did you find the LSI?
The walk in Naperville/internet

How has the LSI helped you cope with lupus?
We have a great and big family and weren’t in need of help from the LSI. We know they are needed and are a great help for others who need it.

What would you want the world to know about lupus?
Lupus is something that needs to be deleted from this world. Because there is no need for it, and we have lost to many people.

Join Gina Casto & Paco’s Posse and hundreds of others by participating in the Virtual run WALK ride for LUPUS! www.lupuswalkil.org

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